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Amateur Writerz is a free site run by a group of people fitting that description. That doesn't mean you have to be an amateur to contribute! This site is dedicated to hosting the best online literature, which anyone can contribute!

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Recent Works

  1. Fantasy by
    Views: 4322
    Published: 2010-04-30
    Rokime's Reward (WiP)

    Ch1- Tisha wound through the cobbled streets of Ocavill, her new green dress flapping around her, the snapping sound making Starlight's ears twitch.Tisha ga...

  2. Fantasy by
    Rating: *
    Views: 3485
    Published: 2010-04-19
    Felessoran's Call(In Progress)

    © Justin Johnson 2010 Fellessoran sat against the elmwood tree, stroking his pet wolf Dmitri. Fellessoran was a half elf, getting his elvish side from his mother...

  3. Realistic Fiction by
    Views: 4799
    Published: 2009-04-29
    a quick race

    the engine of the matte black plymouth ticked as it cooled. its owner fidgeted nervously in the driver's seat, checking the rear view mirror frequently in between po...

  4. Nonfiction by
    Rating: ***
    Views: 6055
    Published: 2008-05-14
    What resolution is your web site designed for?

    Varying resolutions of user’s monitor can eclipse your site Kudos for making a fascinating web site and for all the real hard work you put in place from your e...

  5. Nonfiction by
    Rating: ***
    Views: 5089
    Published: 2008-05-14
    Making your website search engine friendly

    Search engines happen to be one of the fundamental ways that Internet users find web sites. That's the reason a web site with good search engine listings can see ...

  6. Poetry by
    Rating: ****
    Views: 5945
    Published: 2006-05-31

    Running for your life, Ever facing strife, Jumping into trouble, Every where is rubble, Causing others pain, Trying to stay sane, Incredible the woe...

  7. Realistic Fiction by
    Rating: ****
    Views: 4576
    Published: 2006-05-02
    A Double-Christian

    It was a fine spring morning. The birds were singing sweetly outside my window, and my world faded from the blackness of the night, into the soft sunlit morning. O...